Saturday, April 14, 2012

Introduction to the blog...

Hello everyone,
                I take this opportunity to announce the ‘blogger’ in me. The idea of blogging has changed considerably since its introduction to the internet and has become a popular platform for the netizens to express their views to the outside world. Here, I intend to exploit this feild to express my views.
                Introducing myself, I am a law student based in Nagpur, born in the family of Lawyers. I am a ‘Advanced’ Amateur Photographer. Wildlife and Nature in general are my usual ‘subjects’ but I also like to depict stories in my photography, the art which I am still learning. I am also a huge nature-lover and want to work into its conservation. That said, I am also a thinker and an avid reader.
                I aim to write my blogs on my views on conservation of nature and photography apart from my views on various laws and policies implemented from time to time in India as well as on the social issues in the society.
                I hope this ‘work’ of mine will benefit me as a Lawyer and also you as the citizens who want change in the policies. Signing off to write my first blog, hope you like it.

Place: Nagpur
Date: 14-04-2012                                                                                                           NACHIKET G. MOHARIR


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